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As a blanket of grey hides the sun,
Snow falls to earth, winters begun.
Alone stands a bear, cold, tired and lost.
Winters for hibernating, he must have forgot.

Hearing a growl, he’s startled and scared.
But if rivals are there, he must be prepared.
To mark out his territory, which he must defend.
Using the strength on which his life must depend.

Hearing it again, he grasps it is him,
He hasn’t eaten for hours, so now he must swim.
But the lake is all frozen, it’s an ice rink for sure,
And the fish look at him and laugh ‘I’m not yours!’

Hungry and sad, he wants to get rest.
Finding a barn, the hay he does test.
And here he will stay, till the sun comes back through,
When spring arrives, and other bears too.

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I love the way you hold my hand,
And stand beside me come rain or shine.
I love the way you tell your tales,
They entertain me every time.

I love the way you plan and plan
Our life on lots of lists.
I love the way you comfort me,
A hug with you is bliss.

I love the way you give me the giggles,
Just looking at you makes me smile.
I even love the way we bicker,
It’s not wrong, that’s just our style!

He waits. Waits for his chance.
Standing proudly to attention,
Waiting for the order:
Turn! Turn! Turn!

His amber lights shine brightly,
Even when the sun is high in the sky.
He’s ready to spring to life,
As soon as the director shouts ‘Action!’
But the call never comes.
He stands motionless day after day.
How he wishes it was his go to
Turn! Turn! Turn!


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