Derek was an up and coming layer and always dressed to impress. He always wore a black pin-striped suit with a pressed white shirt and a blue tie. He always made sure his hair was dyed auburn with the jar of hair dye that he kept right next to the sink. In his briefcase he carried around a pristine business card holder which was always stocked full of business cards, his brand new laptop and a jar of freshly sharpened pencils. But no one knew the heartbreak he was going through inside. Every evening he would stumble back through the door of his flat, carefully place his suit and briefcase in the cupboard and throw on his sweats before settling down on the sofa. In the lounge there were traces of what was once a happy life. There were square patches on the walls where photos had been that showed the original paint colour of rose white, the rest of the wall had faded to a dull colour. On the mantel piece there was a radio covered in dust and a poinsettia that had withered through lack of care. Why should he look after the stupid plant if there was no one there to share it with? Right next to the plant was a silver locket with the words “love forever” engraved on it. The shine on the locket had started to wear away and it too showed signs of neglect. Derek walked over to the mantel piece and grabbed the locket, “love forever, yeah sure?” he thought to himself and threw the locket back down.


Outside people are busy getting themselves to work. People walk past with coffee cups in their hands with a look on their face that says ‘I shouldn’t have had that last drink last night’ or ‘why am I here?’ The wind is gently blowing and the leaves on the trees move as if they are saying hello, waving good morning to all those tired looking workers. To the left is a roundabout on this busy industrial estate. The traffic lights flash to red, stopping the lorry driver in his tracks as he nudges forward, trying to hurry up and get to his destination. Each little car drives past with people eager to get to the place they have to be. All you can see is the cars, you can’t see anyone in them; it’s like the cars are driving themselves and have forgotten to bring their people with them. In the sky the clouds are dominating the scene. There are grey clouds and black clouds. Just over the horizon you can see a tiny line break within the clouds where the sun is trying to wake up and pop out and say hello. Perhaps the sun feels the same way as all those tired workers.

I am well into my third week at the new job and things are going well. It was all a bit over the place at first (I wasn’t expecting to come into a building where there were only 4 people and it was still being cleaned) but I am settling in now. My People Manager will actually be in the same office as me on Monday so things should start to get to what is normal.

It still seems strange getting up in the morning and not going to Woodhouse but I guess I will get used to us. I miss everyone there but hope to catch up soon

My gorgeous and amazing fiancé Rob has today brought me a new laptop simply because he loves me and mine has died a long and painful (for me) death. I didn’t ask him to buy it, he brought me it as a surprise. He is so sweet! Love you Rob

It’s time to leave,
I’ve got to go.
I’ve learnt much here,
More than you know.

To you, I thank,
For your support.
Throughout the years,
With all I’ve sought.

Things have to end.
Of that I know.
So bye my friend,
I have to go.

I was never really a book worm when I was younger. Books were more for my sister Laura. However, I was fascinated by the way words form on a page. At school we would read books in class like Biff and Chip but I was more interested in writing and making up my own stories. They weren’t masterpieces but I just loved to get lost in the story and the forming of the words, watching closely as my hand moved the pen on the paper, forming the letters.

It wasn’t until I was about 13 that my love for books really started. It all began with a story about a boy who discovers he is a wizard on his 11th birthday. By the time I discovered Harry Potter, the first two books had been published. I was hooked straight away and was disappointed that after reading the second one, I would have to wait for the third!

As I read, I felt that I was in Hogwarts with Harry and Hermione. I wanted to be there with them. Their life sounded so magical and special (don’t get me wrong, mine was great too!).

Another of my favourite books as a child was Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. Again, I got lost in the life of the March sisters and wanted to be there with them, joining in with their plays. Even today I like a good fantasy novel, sci-fi or romance where I can escape to. It makes me feel full somehow.

Having to ask your boss if you can pop home to change your trousers as the zip has broken! I swear it’s not because they are too tight as I have lost weight! Epic fail!


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